5 EASY Tips on Training to Get REAL RESULTS in a Tight Schedule

So, let me go out on a limb and speak for all of us by saying we ALL live busy lives. Who has time for endless, no-results exercise?

My first thought is that our busy lives are the reason for all of those ridiculous commercials that advertise “all you need is 20 minutes 3 times weekly”.  Come on, let’s face it! It takes TIME to get results. The statement of “20 minutes a day three times a week” is just not true. I guess it’s not entirely untrue… If you are a COUCH POTATO, in every sense of the term, then the “20X3 Program” may apply to you (but even so, it only applies in the beginning). As you become an ‘exercising person’ this will change, as your body quickly adapts!

My next thought is “who has hours upon hours in a day to spend in the gym?” I have to be honest, I do belong to a gym and I do go daily. I always see the same person there, no matter what time I go to the gym he is ALWAYS there!  He must be the one out of a million who has hours upon hours in the day to spend in the gym. Don’t we all want to make the best use of our time and get RESULTS as quickly as possible? I believe (again speaking for us all) the answer is YES!

Here’s how to do it… (and I’m keeping it short and sweet, because who’s got the time to sit and read when we could be working on getting results?)

  1. If you are not doing any resistance training yet, START NOW! Resistance training builds muscle (no, you ladies won’t turn into ARNOLD by lifting weights) and muscle determines the speed of your metabolism. BUILD MUSCLE! Choose 3-4 days a week to do this.
  2. H.I.I.T. Training! Become an expert on different types of HIIT training. High Intensity Interval Training. You must be willing to push yourself, but depending on the method(s) you choose, it varies from 7 short minutes to 25! Who doesn’t have this time to spare to see real results? Choose 3-4 days a week to do this.
  3. Monitor you water intake. The more the better. Shoot for 3 liters daily!
  4. Track your program and its progress! Get a diary or a program to help track… nothing motivates like real results you can SEE and FEEL.
  5. EAT well! Start by cutting out refined carbohydrates and replacing them with protein packed foods and foods in ‘mother nature’s’ package!

Start your journey today and train efficiently!

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