Meet Ray Hinish

Dr. Raymond Hinish

Dr. Ray Hinish is the founder of Personal Training Rx, a private fitness studio and weight loss clinic located in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from the University of Maryand School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, he continued his education and received certifications as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant through the American Council on Exercise.

Immediately after graduation, Dr. Hinish opened the Your Prescription for Health Wellness Center in Owings Mills, Maryland. As a reformed overweight child, Dr. Ray started with the cards stacked against him. At a young age, Dr. Ray’s life changed when a childhood crush rejected him because of his weight.  Listen to the story in his own words:

“It was 17 years ago when I first met Kelly Barrington. I was a young, chubby, nugget-headed little kid who had a crush on a girl two years my elder and way out of my league. As a love-struck child, I did everything I could to be in her company. One day, at a neighborhood Christmas party I somehow got ahold of Kelly’s shoe. Don’t ask me how I got it, but soon I found myself being chased throughout the house by the woman of my dreams. Being overweight, you can imagine that I wasn’t the swiftest creature on earth and quickly found myself cornered by the beautiful young girl. The next words that came from her mouth changed my life, she said, ‘You’re fat! Give me back my shoe!’

That night I walked home with tears in my eyes, closed my bedroom door and wept bitterly for what seemed to be hours. Eventually, I caught my breath, wiped the tears from my eyes and saw something in the corner of my room that I had never noticed before…a little set of old weights. I picked up one of the weights and holding it in both arms curled it for what felt like 300 times. I did this every night when my parents thought I was sleeping until one morning I woke up with a little bubble on my arm, you guessed it, it was a muscle. From that moment I was hooked on fitness. I began to run, took up martial arts and read every book I could find on health and fitness.”

His own personal mission is to reach a body fat in the 10-12% range and in the process help as many people as he can reach their own weight loss goals! The information in this site is based on solid scientific evidence which is constantly being evaluated and vetted by Dr. Ray Hinish. exists to find the truth about long term fat loss and we, at, welcome all questions, challenges and comments!

Dr. Ray Hinish also developed the Certified Body Transformation Specialist program to certify personal trainers and health care professionals  in his proprietary system for helping  their clients and patients achieve an extraordinary level of health and fitness. To learn more about becoming certified as a Body Transformation Specialist, contact Dr. Ray at

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