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Achieving your ideal body is no easy task but, seriously, does it have to be THIS HARD?

Calorie counting forever? Nonsense.

Running on a treadmill for 2 hours a day? Nonsense.

Starving yourself to skinny? Nonsense.

Shall I go on?

Look, we know the story. You’ve read every diet book out there and you’ve subscribed to every fitness magazine out there! If your friends want to get the lowdown on a particular diet, they seek you out…not because you’ve had such amazing results, but because they know that you’ve read everything out there.

There’s no doubt, it takes knowledge and work to achieve the weight loss results that will ultimately cut through the fat and display the health and body that you desire. The thing is, I’d bet you a quarter that you aren’t afraid of some hard work…You just don”t want to keep spinning your wheels in the quicksand of diet books and fitness magazines any more!

We’ve found that most people who have struggled with weight loss are not lazy nor do they lack self-discipline and willpower. In fact, they likely have more willpower and self-discipline than their skinny counterparts who seem to eat everything in sight without gaining an ounce. It’s true…

So, if laziness and willpower are not the problem, then what is?

If you’re working hard, dieting hard, and not seeing results then there can only be one explanation…your model for fat loss sucks.

You already know that there are a thousand different diet “experts” selling their diet book with the claim that their book holds THE solution to your weight problem. Our experience, and likely yours, suggests that their program is not the cure-all solution that they claim it to be. This, however, doesn’t mean that they’re wrong…

The truth is, they all have “golden nuggets of fat loss” embedded in the pages of their books! Your job is to prospect for gold!

Throughout our podcasts we will bring you cutting edge research on fat loss and fitness, with the ultimate goal being to help YOU become an EXPERT on your own body! The AMAZING truth is…

Through this podcast and blog, we’ll ask that you to listen with an open mind, take the concepts provided and implement them into your own life one at a time using our CATAA Formula. By monitoring your results you can take and utilize what works for your body and discard what doesn’t!

So we start the podcast with our very first episode – “Quick Start Guide to Fat Loss”. In this episode, we describe 12-13 points of action that you can begin TODAY to implement in your life. These concepts are simple to grasp and implement and will start you on what we hope will be your final journey towards achieving the body that you desire and deserve.

The concepts taught within the first episode are simply a starting point and throughout the rest of the podcast episodes we’ll provide more advanced and cutting-edge tools and techniques that will take your fat loss to a whole new level!

Please feel free to email us any questions and comments! We will try and answer as many questions as we can on the air.

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