The Unconventional Approach To PERMANENT Weight Loss - Part 3

...Using the new science of fat loss to AUTOMATICALLY and PERMANENTLY change your body.

​​​Here's one of Helen's fatal flaws...

​Sadly, she inherited this belief from the dozens of diet books​, magazines, TV shows and experts that she has been exposed to over the years.  ​

​Th​is ​single belief ​is responsible for failure after failure, in fact, I'm willing to bet that you ​carry this catastrophic belief as well.

​Natalia use to have she doesn't.

​Th​e damaging belief is this...

​"The purpose of a weight loss program is to lose weight."

​You're about to learn that ​not only is this not true, it's a toxic belief. 

​In fact, you're going to learn that the primary purpose of your weight loss program is NOT to lose weight. It's NOT to burn fat. It's NOT to change your appearance in the mirror. It's NOT to change your measurements or fit certain clothes that taunt you from the closet...

​Those are all metrics, not the core purposes of a weight loss ​focused lifestyle...

​If any of these goals mentioned above are the chief aim of your weight loss program then...

​You're DOOMED To Fail. 

​I know it seems ridiculous to say that you shouldn't focus on losing weight when you​'re trying to LOSE WEIGHT, but...

​That statement is backed by practically every ​weight loss study ever published, because weight loss was the goal of every one of those studies and 99 out of every 100 people in those studies either didn't lose weight or gained it all back within a year or two.

​REASON: They were focused on losing weight. 

​There's only one ​purpose of a successful weight loss program and if you fail to meet this litmus test, you simply will not​ can​ not lose weight, at least not without a ​guarantee that you will gain it ALL back and then some...

Natalia figured this out. Sadly, Helen ​is still in the dark. 

​If you're a Helen then this next epiphany is going to change your life...that is, if you let it. 

​Here it is...

​THE purpose of a successful weight loss program is to do one thing...


Think about that, because wrapped up in that seemingly obvious piece of advice is THE KEY to your future dream-body.

​In the video on the previous page,​ Dr. Jade Teta eluded to the fact that even if ​a diet is perfect for your body and results in significant weight loss, it's absolutely useless if you can't stick to it.

What he's saying is that your ability to follow a program consistently, to change your behavior permanently, is the single most important characteristic of success.

In fact, over the years there have been ​numerous studies that ​confirmed this fact by putting multiple diets head to head against each other to determine​ which would prove to be most effective. 

Those studies found that low-fat, low-cal, ​and low-carb all performed about the same for weight loss, the only factor that seemed to matter was whether or not people actually stuck to the diet.

​Many of my clients say that the number one frustration with losing weight is not being able to stick to ​their healthy lifestyle. 

​What's the secret to permanently changing your behavior?

​We'll get to that on the next page when I introduce you to the NEW SCIENCE of Weight Loss. 

I mentioned that I too was struggling ​because I was following the "Old Science". 

​Yup, I was a ma​le Helen...

​Here I was dancing salsa with some friends. I was ​​almost 30 lbs overweight, AND I was doing everything right...

...or so I thought. 

I was cutting fat from my diet. I was running on a treadmill​, being careful to ​stay within the "fat burn zone" for up to two miserable hours a night. 

​I was dancing salsa for up to 4 hours, three nights a week, and, if you look close, you can even see a pedometer on my bel​t as I ​shoot for ​at least 10,000 steps a day.

​The weight wasn't budging. 


​I'd hop on the scale after being "super compliant" with my eat less, exercise more (a lot more) lifestyle and the scale wouldn't reward me with a weight loss. 

​So, I'd be standing on my scale in confusion and I'd pull the ripcord, ejecting from my current diet ​to go seeking the next, new, best diet on the shelves of the local Barnes and Nobel bookstore. 

Something didn't add up! I was burning thousands of calories every week. I was eating like a bird and I wasn't losing weight!

So, I'd end up trying a new "cutting-edge diet" every two to three weeks after the scale slapped me viciously in the face ​by not complying with my demands of fat loss.

​In my nutrition practice, I was counseling people to do the same and they too ​were reporting the same weight loss resistance...just like Helen.

What I discovered ​we were trapped in what I later named the "Infinity Loop Of Stagnation"...

​This "figure-eight infinity loop of stagnation" gives you ​a false sense of progress, you feel like you're doing something, but the truth is, you're stuck in a cycle of try, fail, try something else, fail, try something else, fail...

​At the center of this ​debacle of stagnation is the scale, the measurements, the reflection, the clothes that taunt you from the closet.​

When you notice progress, you keep on doing what you're doing. When the scale karate-kicks you in the face with a gain you feel sadness, frustration, and even anger. 

​The ENGINE of this loop of stagnation is your emotions. Your mood alternates like pistons in an engine; happy, sad, hopeful, frustrated, anger, excitement.

This diet after diet approach is entirely dependant on your emotions, which will swing wildly depending on what the "metric" tells you...

​The emotion dictates your path forward. When you're happy you feel motivated to keep doing what​ you're doing...

 When you​'re saddened by that karate kick to the face unleashed upon you by your scale or your measurements or that little old lady in the elevator who asks you  in her quivering little old lady voice, "When are you due, honey?" ​

​Well, you turn to the diet you hired to make you skinny and you yell, "You're fired!" 

​"But, but, but," the diet pleads, "it's only been nine days! Give me a chance!" 

​"Get your things and go." you reply with finality in your voice...

​And like a gambling addict, you double down on diets and ​repeat the cycle with a new, fancy ​diet book. 

​This is Helen's problem, AND this was Natalia's problem until she figured out a ​different path forward.

​The way out is next...

​If you're feeling like a "Helen" in the next page you'll have the opportunity to feel like "Natalia" with her peace of mind and self-confidence! 

​Click "Continue" below to ​get into the NEW SCIENCE of fat loss.

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