The Unconventional Approach To PERMANENT Weight Loss - Part 6

...Using the new science of fat loss to AUTOMATICALLY and PERMANENTLY change your body.

As promised, here's the answer...

"Change as much as you can as quickly as you can WITHOUT activating the misery-maker." 

It's a misconception that you can only change one habit at a time. Depending on how much you got going on in your life, you can change one, two, three or more habits at a time as long AS LONG AS YOU DON'T FEEL MISERABLE!!

But wait...there's one more secret and this may be one of the most important secret that you ever learn on your weight loss journey...

This one secret will allow you to change a lot more about your lifestyle, more quickly than you ever imagined possible WITHOUT activating the misery maker part of your brain...

I'll share that secret in just a minute, but first let's go back to Helen or Natalia...If you're a Helen and you want to be a Natalia, all you need to do is stop trying to overhaul everything and start with small, stackable habits that don't activate the misery-maker and then use the secret ingredient to SKYROCKET your results...

The secret ingredient is accountability and coaching. 

You don't need more information, you need REAL TRANSFORMATION and nothing is more effective at triggering transformation as accountability and coaching!

I'll explain how to build accountability into your lifestyle in just a moment...

When you are accountable to an outside entity, you essentially no longer need to waste precious energy convincing yourself to do anything. YOU JUST DO IT! 

Accountability allows you to circumvent the misery maker altogether because deliberation is what depletes willpower!

When you make a declaration to someone else, you essentially eliminate deliberation. It's an amazing phenomenon. I can tell you that without a doubt the most powerful agent of transformation in your life is ACCOUNTABILITY! 

That is why it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Cut The Fat 60-day Challenge! 

During our 60-Day Cut The Fat Challenge you get 60 days of accountability and coaching that will skyrocket your results without activating the misery maker part of your brain! In fact, many of the Challengers who have been through the program continue to re-enroll because they are blown away by the results, the support, AND the community in the private group! 

Most importantly, they are LOVING the experience while actually busting through weight loss plateaus!

Blythe and I work with you to transform your life and lifestyle through our three-stage weight loss approach which we call the Sweatpants to Swimsuit framework. 

To learn more about the Cut The Fat Weight Loss Challenge, click the button below, try it out, it may be the best decision you've made in a long time!

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