The Unconventional Approach To PERMANENT Weight Loss

...Using the new science of fat loss to AUTOMATICALLY and PERMANENTLY change your body.

The part of the brain that manufactures willpower is shown in pink above. The part that manufactures habits, is shown in green.

When you rely on willpower to eat well and exercise, you will feel miserable. When you rely on habits, your precious willpower is spared and your brain feels wonderful. 

‚ÄčHere's the sad truth. Practically every weight loss program out there ultimately activates the "Misery Maker" part of the brain. That's why researchers concede that there is roughly a 95% failure rate among those of us who are trying to lose weight. 

There's a principle of human nature that we just can't escape...

Human beings move away from things that cause pain and suffering. Most diets suck and because they cause self-inflicted misery, they auto-extinguish themselves. 

I got a message from one of our newsletter subscribers named Sarah who said that her biggest challenge is impatience. She said, "I'm impatient and want results here and now - it is taking a serious mind shift to tackle fat loss slowly step-by-step."

In that statement hides the big problem...

When we feel the motivation to change, we want to change everything all at once because we're overflowing with motive. That motive usually presents in the form of lots and lots of discomfort after we weigh in with a weight that sends shivers down our spine. 

So, big change doesn't feel so bad, in fact, in the first couple of days it may actually feel gratifying, but you know what happens after the first week...and then the second week...and the third. 


The problem is weight loss is not a sprint. It's a marathon. Motivation burns hot, but it also burns out. 

So changing everything all at once doesn't work, at least not for 95% of the population and have you figured out why? Because it activates the misery maker part of the brain.

You get tiny amounts of willpower in a 24 hour day. Change-everything plans rely on willpower almost exclusively and once you burn out your willpower, well, let's just say life sucks. 

It almost NEVER works. 

On the flip side, rather than change everything, we can decide to change just ONE thing. Changing one thing is MUCH easier to our brain than changing everything. 

The problem is, you don't get the gratification of fast weight loss experienced at the start of a change-everything plan. In fact, changing one thing may actually result in NO change in weight. At least not at first...

In a second, I'll let you in on a secret that allows you to change your lifestyle faster, without activating your misery-maker...but first, let me introduce you to the cookie-jar principle.

Imagine a child who is trying to reach the cookie jar way up on a counter. She can't reach the cookie jar so she looks around and finds a book to stand on. She steps up on the book and finds herself closer but still unable to reach the cookie jar...

She's not giving up...she finds another book to stack on top of the first book and she hops on the small pile. Still she is unable to reach the cookie jar, so she stacks another book and then another and then another until finally standing on top of a pile of recipe books, encyclopedias, magazines, and loose papers, she manages to just reach the cookie! 

The question is, which book is most important? 

The first book? The last book? The thickest book? 

The answer is they are all equally important because if we remove even a single magazine, she would no longer be able to reach the cookie. 

Likewise, when you're changing your lifestyle, every lifestyle-change matters even if it doesn't get you to the threshold needed to trigger weight loss. 

So like the child, we don't give up if we change one habit and don't start losing weight. We stack habits on top of each other, one at a time, until we finally cross that metabolic threshold and the body responds with weight loss. 

Let's say we start by simply walking 30 minutes a day and one week later don't lose any weight.

So, we start drinking 60 ounces of water each day on top of our daily walk and still don't lose weight...

Then we cut carbs to below 100 grams and STILL no weight loss.

Finally, we start eating more vegetables and BAM, all of a sudden the scale starts moving. 

Was it the vegetables that did it? No! It was the vegetables stacked on top of the water, on top of the lower carb eating, on top of the walking! Just like the books, every book is equally important because if one is removed we may not enjoy the benefit of weight loss!

Now, we have a method that we teach in our 60-day weight loss challenge program that tells you exactly what habit to change and when. 

...but let me address the question, "How quickly can we change our lifestyle? One habit? Two? Three at a time?" 

It's an easy answer, which I'll give you on the next page!

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