Raspberry Ketone Supplements – Are They Helpful?

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What Are Raspberry Ketone Compounds?

Raspberry ketone compounds are plant chemicals, obviously found in raspberries, that are at least partially responsible for giving raspberries their wonderful fruity smell. Scientists have been studying raspberry ketone compounds as a possible nutritional aid in helping people lose weight.

So, let’s get right into it…do they work? Can a supplement containing these raspberry ketone compounds help you to shed the fat?

As a nutritional pharmacist and personal trainer, I am constantly looking for nutritional supplements that will make the process of weight loss easier and more consistent, unfortunately, raspberry ketone supplements are probably not the miracle nutrient that supplement manufacturers claims them to be…

When I do a research assessment of raspberry ketone compounds, what we find is that most of the research on raspberry ketone compounds has been performed in fat cells, specifically fat  cells that live in a test tube, and also in mice. In fact, when I search the thousands and thousands of published studies, I can not find a single study where raspberry ketones were evaluated in humans,

I see mention of human studies in blog articles and advertisements, but none published in reputable journals.

The truth is, I am and continue to be on a mission to find effective supplements for weight loss. I read hundreds of articles every year on the subject and have yet to find a supplement that is the magic bullet for weight loss.

Some studies suggest that fish oil and fiber supplements can enhance the body’s ability to shed fat, but, at least for now, the gold standard is the diet and lifestyle changes that we suggest in our free weight loss podcast, Cut the Fat Podcast!

Raspberry ketones do appear to have some effect on fat cells, will these effects prove themselves in human studies, well, we can’t say for sure. My best guess is they’ll flop big time. So, for now, save your money and dedicate your resources and efforts to good, healthy food, constant education, scientifically proven exercise, such as interval training and resistance training and go forward knowing that you’re on the right track.

Final Word on Raspberry Ketone Supplements

Look, Nobody got fat from a deficiency of raspberry ketone compound, they probably won’t be the cure either! So, I hope you found this helpful, be sure to check back at our free weight loss blog and podcast, for updates on my weight loss supplement search and any news on raspberry ketone supplements.

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