Get Off the Treadmill and Live!

I was editing an article that I wrote a couple of months ago when I came across a section that caught my attention. As weird as it sounds, today, these paragraphs spoke to me, I was moved…

It was as if the “me” of two months ago was speaking to the “me” of today, and giving me some tough love. I wanted to give you an exert from this section with hopes that you guys will be moved as well. Here it is…

“Look, life is short, you shouldn’t spend it trotting away on a treadmill…live out loud, enjoy the wondrous adventures that life has in store for you, get out there and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. I know far too many people who waste their precious breath on hours and hours of elliptical machines, stair steppers, and treadmills…what a waste.

Give yourself the gift of getting into the gym for 30-40 hardcore minutes per day. During each of these workouts, prove to yourself how much heart you have, make them count, leave with a sense of accomplishment, with a sense that you just proved to yourself that you are stronger than you thought! Then, after you leave your heart on the floor for those 30-40 minutes, depart the gym and don’t look back until the next workout…You did your time, now enjoy life!

Fill the rest of your life with leisure exercise, i.e. activities that you enjoy…the key word being “activities” not TV and movies!

Try new things like dancing, martial arts, Frisbee, hiking, yoga, just become the person who loves to be active. That’s the secret. You can’t quit the habit of watching 4 hours of TV every night by just giving it up, you have to crowd it out with something more worthwhile.

Become so active that you have no time to sit in front of the TV. Become so adventurous that you have stories to tell your friends and family at the next holiday party! Live in such a way that has your friends and family thinking, “I want a life like that!”, not because you want to be envied by them, but because you want to be inspiring to them.

Look, your life will either be an example or a warning to the people that you care about…be the example not the warning.”

So, how will you act on this? How will you become that example? Please leave a comment below and share it with all of your friends on Facebook. Until next time!

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