Tabata Training – The 4 Minute Workout

Only have 4 minutes to workout? No problem…

Tabata Training is a powerful form of interval training that has proven more beneficial than standard aerobic exercise and can be performed in a fraction of the time of traditional exercise.

Unlike conventional “steady state” exercise, Tabata is completed, start to finish, in just 4 minutes.

No other training can provide the fat loss and health benefits of Tabata in such a short time.

It’s intense, it will leave you exhausted, but no other form of exercise can spark fat loss and fitness in as short a period of time as Tabata training.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss where Tabata originated from and how it differs from other forms of interval training.

“If you see Dr. Tabata on the street, kick him in the face for me” – Every Person Who Ever Attempted Tabata

Tabata training was developed by Japanese physiologist, Izumi Tabata.

Izumi conducted research to compare moderate intensity, steady-state, exercise with his unique brand of high intensity interval training.

In one study performed by Izumi, one group of athletes were assigned to standard, moderate intensity training, and the other group to Tabata-style interval training.

The conventional group worked out for one hour at 70% of their maximum heart rate, five days a week for six weeks. This type of program would represent the standard exerciser out there who is attempting to lose weight.

The second group worked out just four minutes a day, 4 days a week for the same 6 weeks. This group followed a standard Tabata training regimen, alternating between 20 seconds of intense activity and seconds of rest.

What Happened?

Not surprisingly, the moderate intensity group significantly improved their cardiovascular health…Unfortunately, their anaerobic system (strength) showed no improvement during the course of the study…again, not surprising.

The Tabata group also improved their cardiovascular fitness… In fact, their cardiovascular system improved more than the group that exercised for a full hour, five days a week.

In addition, their anaerobic system simultaneously improved by 28 %!

Bottom line: Tabata HIIT, achieve more aerobic and anaerobic benefit in a fraction of the time of standard cardio training!

So How Do You Perform Tabata Training?

You can perform Tabata training on standard cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, bike), with resistance equipment (weights and machines), or with no equipment at all (calisthenics).

To perform Tabata training, simply follow this recipe:

  1. Keep the workout session to no more than 4 minutes long.
  2. Perform 20 seconds of intense exercise (as hard as you can push)
  3. Rest for 10 seconds
  4. Rinse and Repeat for 8 rounds
  5. After you’re finished repeat the mantra of Tabata practitioners everywhere, “If you see Dr. Tabata on the stree, kick him in the face for me.”

Congratulations, you’ve completed one of the most grueling 4 minute workouts on earth! Now, hunt down Dr. Tabata and kick him in the face for us!

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