A Flossing Secret That Will Help You Lose Fat

For my entire life, I just never seemed to be able to get into the habit of flossing. I knew it was important to my oral health, I knew that if I didn’t start flossing I would ultimately have to have very painful gum surgery. My dentist told me this and I believed him. So why couldn’t I do it? Why couldn’t I get into a ritual of flossing? Brushing was not an issue, I did it religiously every morning and every evening. But I just would not floss!! Well, one day I came upon a secret that would instantly change my flossing life. In one night, I started flossing and to this day I do it practically every day. This secret can easily be used to help you in your fat loss journey…So are you ready for it? Here it is, at absolute NO CHARGE!

Floss one tooth. Any tooth.

Something as simple as flossing can be quite a daunting task! It takes longer than you are willing to give, it is too inconvenient. You are either on the run in the morning or too tired at night and you do not want to spend another 3 minutes flossing. So, the secret is floss ONE TOOTH. You may not be able to commit to flossing all teeth but I bet you will be able to commit to flossing one tooth. Why does this secret work? For two reasons:

  1. The hardest part is picking up the box of floss and pulling that little string out.
  2. If you floss the one tooth, odds are you are going to floss a second tooth and then a third and so forth. You don’t have to, but nine times out of ten you will because you are already there, the string has been taken out and you are already doing it. Basically, you have momentum. Newton’s law states, objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

Guess what happens if I get in at 2 in the morning and I JUST DON’T WANT TO FLOSS? I actually floss just ONE tooth and then go to bed! It is rare that I stop at just one tooth but it does happen and I DO count it as a win!

How do we apply it to fat loss? Allow me to introduce you to the formula…

“Flossing = Exercise and Floss = Shoes”

When you don’t feel like exercise, just put the shoes on and commit to “floss ONE tooth” meaning commit to walk for 5 minutes. Or if you don’t feel like working out, put the shoes on and commit to go to the gym and SIT for 7 minutes. That’s right, SIT FOR 7 MINUTES. You can do that can’t you? When you get there, you will decide to walk the treadmill for 7 minutes which may turn to 15 then to 30, etc. If you are really beat, just go and sit for 7 minutes and count it as a win! Being a fat cutter means making it a lifestyle…a habit.

Give it a try and be sure to leave comments on our blog and forum! I would love to hear your experience!

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