Eggs vs. Bagels – Which is the Better Weight Loss Food?

I remember watching Oprah when I was an undergrad at Frostburg State University (yes, I know that admitting this may require that I forfeit my man-card). In one particular show, she had a “weight loss expert” talking about how the bagel is “the perfect diet-food” because it contains a balanced blend of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. So, after hearing that the bagel was given the official stamp of approval by Oprah, I started eating bagels and, admittedly, I loved them. I am certain that the decision to blindly follow the advice of this “expert” contributed to the freshman-fifteen that I quickly accumulated.

Many years later, scientists put the bagel up against the incredible, edible egg in a head-to-head battle against the bulge. Let me tell you…

Eggs trumped the bagel!

In this study, egg eaters:

  1. Consumed fewer calories within a 24 hour period
  2. Felt less hungry throughout the day
  3. Lost more weight

“But what about cholesterol?” you may ask. Cholesterol and triglycerides were left unchanged. In addition, numerous other studies have found that eggs do not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, even when consumed in relatively large quantities.

Sorry Bagels, you have been tested, tried in the court of science, and been found wanting! And Oprah, if you are reading this, we all still love you, just be a little more careful with your advice next time.

(Experimental Biology Conference, April 2009)

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