Regular Exercise Does Cause Weight Loss…As Long as You…

There has been a lot of controversy around whether or not exercise helps people to lose weight. Admittedly, many studies demonstrate that a moderate exercise program does little to promote weight loss. I, however, dispute these findings by suggesting that many of the exercise programs in these studies were, well…WIMPY! The word “moderate”, when it is used to describe exercise means “mediocre” which in my book, means…WIMPY!

A recent study, published in the Journal Strength and Conditioning, set out to determine if exercise alone would result in weight loss. The subjects of the study were told to consume their “normal diet” while pursing an exercise program. The subjects who exercised at least 30 minutes 4 or more days per week lost approximately 13 pounds of fat in the 8 week study. That is pretty darn impressive! Here is the kicker, people who exercised 3 days or less per week lost no weight.

It appears that the tipping point for weight loss is exercising moderately for four or more days. Although I am thrilled to hear that the subjects lost significant weight, this is still a wimpy program and we could do better! Fat Cutters, don’t settle for mediocre! Exercise often and exercise intensely! Fill your life with NEAT activity and exercise, but don’t forget your diet!

(Journal Strength and Conditioning Research, 23:2377-2380, 2009)

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