Television Shortcircuits Fat Loss Efforts! Fit People Are Not Immune…

Australian researchers analyzed the data from over 2000 men and women who exercise intensely for at least 2.5 hours a week to determine how their television watching habits impacted their fat loss. The results may surprise you…

According to the researchers, people who watched 40 minutes or more of television daily had higher waist circumferences in addition to worse blood pressures and blood sugars despite exercising intensely for at leat 2.5 hours a week! So if you think that you are immune to the fattening effect of TV because you exercise and eat well, you are mistaken! Scientists believe that when we sit for prolonged periods, the body shuts down fat burning enzymes that are necessary to keep metabolism kicking!

So what can we do about this? 40 minutes is a drop in the bucket of television time for most of us. Grey’s Anatomy is an hour show for goodness sake! I have two solutions:

1. Everytime a commercial comes on do some sort of intense activity such as jumping jacks, shadow boxing, running in place, etc. The key here is to get some burning in the muscle indicating that we have reached our lactic acid threshold. This can result in more growth hormone secretion that kicks up fat burning!

2. Keep your treadmill in front of your television and walk it while you watch your favorite television shows. You don’t have to run or even jog, just keep those fat burning enzymes kicking by not sitting!

(Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 40(4):639-645,2008)

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